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Our Services

General Services

  • Screw Air Compressor Overhauling/repair
  • Centrifugal Compressor Overhauling/repair
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Air Compressor Troubleshooting
  • Compressed Air Piping Installations
  • Compressed Air Audit
  • Energy Audit
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Compressed Air System Automation
  • Centrifugal Aftermarket

Energy Management System

  • Variable Frequency Drive Retrofitting
  • Harmonic Filtering
  • Protective Relays
  • Digital Meters

Industrial Automation

  • Compressed Air System Integration
  • PLC
  • VFD and Soft Starters
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Breakthrough AHU Upgrades for
50% Energy Savings

Finally, an AHU fan upgrade that goes beyond incremental gains to deliver a true energy revolution. While outdated fans barely reach 65% efficiency, our axial flow design achieves 92% efficiency - even exceeding modern plug and EC fans

Achieve 50% Energy Savings

Our axial flow fans slash energy consumption by half compared to inefficient existing fans. Combined with variable frequency drives and high-efficiency motors, system efficiencies reach up to 85%.

Complete ROIs Within 12-18 Months

With drastic efficiency gains from long-lasting equipment, the upgrade pays for itself faster than you ever expected.

Extend Fan Lifetimes to 20+ Years

The innovative fan and casing designs withstand the test of time and perform like new even after decades of reliable operation.

Simplify Maintenance

Install the plug-and-play fans and practically forget about maintenance for years. Plus, when service is needed, access compact components easily
Whether your current fans are aging centrifugal models or standard plug types, it's time to bring your AHUs into the future. Our breakthrough upgrades pay for themselves fast while setting a new peak performance standard.

Discover how to get there with a free AHU Efficiency Guide custom-tailored to your facility specs.
DEOS Building Management System Interface

We Provide a Reliable Building Management System for your Business

Airdrive Industrial is extending our line of services into Building Management Systems to provide more value to you. Our aim is to provide and service your business with a quality system through DEOS; a leading innovator in Building Automation Controls.

Our Capabilities

Field Services

Field Services

Rapid response service ranging from first class and on-site repairs to custom-engineered solutions.


Help keep your compressed air equipment Running At peak-productivity.


Compressed Air Quality Audit and Vibration Analysis.


Building Automation System - Automate the operation of a Building’s HVAC, lighting and other subsystems.