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Blower Purge Adsorption Air Dryer PBD

PBD blower purge adsorption air dryer dry the compressed air down to a pressure dew point of -40℃ to -70℃and suitable for application which demands the highest quality of compressed air.


The PBD blower purge adsorption air dryer consists of two parallel vessels filled with high quality adsorption material and while one vessel is drying the compressed air, the other vessel with the saturated desiccant will be regenerated. The dryer will be equipped with a blower and heater whereby it will take in the ambient air and heated up with heater. The heated ambient air will be used for desorption of the moisture in the deisccant and with water cooled air in a closed loop. Hence there is no dried air being used for the regenerating. The cycle with be switch alternate between the dryer vessels so that consistent dried air is being supplied.

Advance PLC control allows the user to monitor the dryer performance and with the dew point operation system as option available for energy saving , it provides maximum energy saving. High quality components and special design valve for high temperature is used which increase the reliability and reducing the downtime of the dryer. The blower and heater is tested in according with our stringent testing requirement.

Lot of options are available for different demands and request. With our dedicated engineering team, special request for customised dryer in oil and gas , marine or other applications are available upon request.